Nuova Franco Suisse Italia

The Franco Suisse Italy was founded in 1979 as a development project for the Italian market of the Société Franco Suisse Dentaire, French leader in Europe in the production of precious dental alloys and present in the area since 1962. Since July 2001 took the name of New Franco Suisse Italy srl

Headquarter is in Vigonza, near Padua, village in the center of an area of ​​very active market and which the Italian partners have matured, before becoming a partner of the French, a twenty-year experience of collaboration with leading national companies and foreign gold for dentistry.

From the beginning, particular attention has been paid to the implementation of a production system capable of ensuring a constant and reliable quality results. They were therefore acquired the best production tools, such as induction melting machines vacuum or controlled atmosphere, annealing furnaces inert atmosphere, the fusion system in continuous casting, great attention has been paid to the choice of sources of supply can to ensure a high purity raw materials. Moreover, in recent years there has been a collaboration between the company and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua, both for the sample tests on materials, both for the development of new products.

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